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Pharmaceutical Impurity
We have long-term cooperation with pharmaceutical companies in the establishment of new drug molecule libraries, process development, optimization and other tasks. We especially offer services of drug impurity custom synthesis and the determination of impurity structure. We can help analyses the formation of impurity, improve production processes, and reduce the impurity content to below the identify limits.
We serve pharmaceutical companies who develop existing drugs in market. If the companies find they have different impurities compared with the released documents, or the content higher than the required level or other commercial products, we can help optimize the production process to decrease the impurity content to avoid the extra safety study.
Impurity study is an important step during the drug development. Whether the Impurities in drugs can be effectively controlled is directly related to drug quality and safety. Yuhao Chemical is willing to give full play to our organic synthesis capability and help pharmaceutical companies successfully and efficiently completed the development of new pharmaceutical products.


Add: Hangzhou Yuhao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd  Tel: +86-571-82693216 82880190  Fax: +86-571-82880190  
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