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Technology Development
Technology Development
Yuhao Chemical develops new technologies and provides full service. Novelty is guaranteed for every technology provided by Yuhao Chemical. The corporation format could be licensing, technology transfer, strategic alliance or joint venture, etc.
Technology from Yuhao Chemical sticks to the following criterion:
─  Technically and commercially viable
─  Sustainable competitive advantages
─  Strong potential for delivering superior, 'venture class' financial returns
─  Opportunities for significant revenue and margin growth
─  Areas to create value through incremental operational improvements
─  Defensible market positions
Olinax provide full service for technology transfer including licensing, commercialization, and valuation of novel technology. The services include:
Technology acquisition:
Olinax provide a global search locating and assessing technology, knowledge, know-how, vendors, guided by criteria reflecting the problems and objectives of the customers. Solutions often involve integrating several technologies to gain maximum commercial potential.
Transfer service:
Olinax provide full technology transfer service including law, regulation, protection, contract service.
Technology valuation:
For the technology providing clients involving companies, universities, non-profit organizations, and other research institutions we provide the assessments of new technology. The valuation will follow the Olinax Technology Valuation System.
The main task of Olinax is to help small and mid-size industries to develop new products & processes based on the nearest technologies in their fields. Olinax owns an experienced technical team with a track record of success doing technical development and consultants with the most updated market information. Based on the industrial assessment, we will identify the most suitable innovative technology for you and insure that they can be successfully commercialized into innovative products that will enable your company to grow market share, meet customer needs, and enhance profit. Olinax always believe that innovative technology creates the leader of the market.
In 2006 Olinax introduced new police to support start-up creation. Launching a start-up company based on a novel technology from research institutes is always a long and difficult way. New policy will file novel technologies when they are deemed promising from a marketing point of view, and to extend them to a new business only when a market opportunity really appears.


Add: Hangzhou Yuhao Chemical Technology Co., Ltd  Tel: +86-571-82693216 82880190  Fax: +86-571-82880190  
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